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Malerba was established in 1946 by Antonio and Armando Malerba.

The company, founded on a bedrock of entrepreneurial and artisan talent, developed a nonconformist idea at that time: manufacturing premium quality, design led furniture.

Malerba’s initial voyage into the national market was based upon a small, highly skilled production using only the finest materials available, coupled with an ongoing development program to discover and incorporate unique accessories and details into the evolving portfolio.

The third Malerba generation is now leading the company on its global journey, relying on the distinctive and refined design that together with the value of Italian artisan tradition makes Malerba product recognizable and valued all over the world.


Daily dedication in the selection of the highest quality veneers and materials are the foundations from which Malerba develops new expressive potential in design planning.

It is thanks to a combination of skilled craftsmen working in unison with state of the art machinery, used for accurate processing techniques, that the refined design project is expressed in elegant and functional furniture and furnishing accessories that customize locations with their unique elegance, transforming every room into an intimate and exclusive place.

Colors and unique design, balanced in perfect harmony as a result of exhaustive research in today styles and trends, create a special harmony that captivates at first glance.


More recently the Malerba brand was able to combine the technological innovation necessary for industrial production with the value of manual workmanship of artisan tradition.

Production stages have been automated where possible, whilst retaining the overall visual and manual control and input of the skilled workers who are tasked with ensuring every stage of production is closely monitored.

This process, which is synonymous with reliability and care, involves each product being labeled with its final customer reference, so as to have it checked from the very beginning of its journey until the last packaging step which is made by hand after the final quality check. This constant control, at every stage of production, is made so as to have each item delivered in perfect condition to the final customer/destination.

Italian design

Malerba furniture is in perfect and unique harmony with both tradition and contemporary Italian design. With a unique signature that is internationally recognized and appreciated for its talent in finding the way back to style and beauty, where nothing is left to chance but combined to become ‘One’ ...A cohesion that gives our products a timeless and borderless beauty that radiates throughout every line, material and detail.